LotR Uruk-Hai Berserk

Lord of the Rings Uruk-Hai Berserk.
Inspired and based by Uruk-Hai berserks from the LotR trilogy. I wanted to go out of my comfort zone and learn something new so trying to implement sculpting, baking and rigging more into my workflow. It all started with a very rudimentary base sculpt in blender, also a huge shoutout to Daniel Bystedt for giving me invaluable tips! Slowly chipping away, learning new techniques on the way (also having a quick excursion into marvelous) while then, more or less, proper rigging, baking and texturing with finalizing textures in Substance painter - something I have never used but wanted to tackle for a long time now. Taking care about his hip and arm armor, belt, cloth, helmet and sword and then bringing everything to a final while giving it a more finished treatment, setting all of it in keyarts. Also a huge inspiration was Carin Backlund's incredible Uruk-Hai project.
The past couple of months I worked on and off on this Uruk-Hai and it was very challenging but I learned a lot during that.