Star Citizen - Crusader Showroom

I am super happy to share another big part of Orison I was working on - Concepting the Crusader Showroom. Being part of the floating hub, the Showroom can be found next to the habitation platforms and green circle. Used for showcasing the top tier crusader ships this showroom is ment to reflect this mentality. Not only on the bottom showroom but also on the higher tier corporate wing, being more extravagant with a distinct colour palette change but still belonging to the crusare showroom.

Big shoutout to Daniel Harris who was working on the final Environment and Arthor Yang, taking care about all the final lighting. You guys did an amazing job.
And also very big shoutout to the whole concept team and all the other artists that worked on Orison and the showroom itself that would be too much to mention here. You all did an awesome job!
Art Direction: Ian Leyland
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